Le The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) entered into force in May 2018. Organizations around the world are facing a dramatic increase in legal requirements to protect sensitive and private data. Companies that collect, process and store personal data and which infringe this regulation will face serious consequences. Although created by the EU, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) has a internationnale scope, covering the personal data of European citizens and providers wherever the data is distributed worldwide.

Our mission is to guarantee the protection of your data in the Cloud and within your Intranets. Difenso offers major groups, small companies and individuals an innovative and uniquely designed solution, easy to implement to protect all your shared data.

Difenso Core System CSPN Certified

Audited by Quarkslab



  • 1. Protected emails: encryption of message and attachments
  • 2. ANSSI certified cryptographic core
  • 3. Solution designed for the user
  • 4. User-friendly
  • 5. Compatible on all Cloud services and platforms
  • 6. Decryption possible regardless of recipient email client
  • 7. Compatible with all peripherals
  • 8. Trustworthy solution


  • Logo Teams
  • 1. Difenso protects your documents while respecting legal contraints
  • 2. Administration of encryption keys
  • 3. Fully integrated into the Teams and SharePoint environment
  • 4. Publishing to Microsoft Azure
  • 5. Users are at the heart of their data security
  • 6. Dynamic management of persons authorized to access information
  • 7. Creation of secure collaboration areas (Teams chanels, OneDrive and SharePoint)
  • 8. Legally-binding trace of any access to a secure document


  • 1. Multi-editor document or file encryption hub
  • 2. All documents can be viewed in a single window
  • 3. Proprietary editor authentication in the hands of the user
  • 4. Protection compliant with legal and regulatory requirements
  • 5. Portal accessible from any Internet-enabled device
  • 6. Legally-binding trace of any access to a secure file
  • 7. No client installation required
  • 8. Guaranteed reversibility


ACCELERATE YOUR BUSINESS AGILITY WITHOUT COMPROMISING YOUR DATA SECURITY...Cloud services all pose multiple vulnerability issues. Difenso has developed solutions so you can win back control over your data and ensure that no unauthorised third-parties can gain access to them.

The solution

Based on unique encryption keys, randomly generated to encrypt data and/or files and documents.

Thanks to an innovative principle of on-the-fly construction, Difenso stores no data, neither “text” nor “encrypted” data, nor even the keys used to encrypt/decrypt the data. The encrypted date becomes entirely inviolable: only their owners of authorised users can decrypt them.

The encrypted date becomes entirely inviolable: only their owners of authorised users can decrypt them.


Difenso has obtained CSPN (first-level security certification) for its Core System which complies with ANSSI General Security Rules (RGS v2 - Annexe B1).

And is holder of the first 2018 Security Visa awarded by ANSSI on June 21, 2018.

The Quarkslab test centre (CESTI), recognised for the quality of its testing, audited it in a “black box”.

Difenso complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which has been in force since 25 May 2018, in particular the "right to be forgotten" (Article 17) and "Data protection by design and by default" (Article 25 and 47b).


  • - Provides a data protection management interface,
  • - Operates with all types of applications and protects all types of data,
  • - Performs encryption/decryption operations and offers proven and innovative protection,
  • - Controls access to every bit of data,
  • - Offers legally-binding traceability over the whole life cycle of all protected data,
  • - Easy to implement using standardized calls
  • - Developer’s Guide available on request.

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